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    What is EDDM?

    EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail is a service offered by the United States Postal Service which allows small business owners to target the neighborhoods they need to reach at an affordable rate.

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    How Does it work?

    One of our specialists will work with you to design a postcard based on your specific business needs. Then we will help you choose the zip code and routes you want your pieces mailed to. Your mailers will then be prepared and mailed, all within the strict guidelines of the USPS. We take care of all the work, from concept to completion.

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    Is Every Door Direct Mail as effective as mailing from a list?

    For most business owners, Every Door Direct Mail is as effective as using a mailing list without the additional expense of purchasing a list and inkjetting. Additionally, mailing lists often have inaccurate or outdated information. Since mail carriers deliver one piece to each address on their route, there’s little chance of delivery errors.

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    I need to reach a more targeted group of people. Is EDDM right for me?

    If you need to reach a small segment of the population, such as home ownership, interests, occupation, new movers, etc., then Mail South Jersey can provide an accurate list for you. We will then design, print and mail your piece at our affordable rates.

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    Can Mail South Jersey help me mail postcards to my customers?

    Mail South Jersey can mail to your database of customers, whether you have 200 or 2,000,000 customers. Simply email us your list in a CSV or a Microsoft Excel file and we can do the rest!

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    What kind of response should I expect from my direct mail?

    Direct mail boasts a high rate of return. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), average response rate for direct mail postcards is more than 4%, with an average return on investment (ROI) of more than $12 per dollar invested!

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    How does direct mail perform when compared to digital marketing?

    Direct mail makes more sense than digital for locally owned service and retail businesses. A recent DMA study shows that direct mail outperforms all digital channels combined by nearly 600%!

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    How do I get started?

    Give us a call to schedule a FREE consultation at 856-673-3277 today!